EMRA Responded to Claims of Increase in Electricity

EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz made a statement on the electricity hike news that came out the other day. Yılmaz underlined in his statements that such a thing is not on their agenda.

In the past days, there were news that there would be at least a 30% increase in electricity, and we shared these claims with you. Of course, the addition of a new one to the news of the hike, which has been on the agenda for a long time, of course, pushed us all into deep thoughts.

Today, Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) President Mustafa Yılmaz made a statement regarding the hike news.

EMRA stated that any hike in electricity prices is not on their agenda.

EMRA Chairman Yılmaz, in his speech in which he evaluated the hike claims, answered these allegations with a definite language and ‘not reflecting the truth’ underlined.

In the continuation of his statements, Yılmaz said: “Electricity is on the agenda of our institution. There are no tariff changes. We ask our citizens not to rely on such baseless news.” gave his words.


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