Emma Watson Becomes a Victim of Artificial Intelligence!

Deepfake voice creation artificial intelligence, which is still in beta, started to be abused in its early days. Unacceptable sentences were made with the fake voices of world-famous names such as Emma Watson and Joe Rogan.

Artificial intelligence, which gradually makes its presence felt in all areas of our lives, is not always used for useful works. One of the clearest examples of this deepfake. The technology that allows the images and sounds of a person to be changed as desired, especially for famous names. to create mock images is being used.

The latest developments, the deepfake technology, which has started to be considered even as a crime, has changed and remained in our lives. will continue it reveals. Because users of the platform called 4chan, which is closed to access in Turkey, started to produce fake content using the voices of world-famous names. In the fake content created, it was developed by a team called ElevenLabs. from voice cloning artificial intelligence was used…

Fake speeches of names like Emma Watson and Joe Rogan have been created!

Names targeted by 4chan users, world-famous players Emma Watsonwere the famous comedian Joe Rogan and Ben Sharpio, a famous columnist in the USA. Anonymous users, whose identities are unknown, had Emma Watson read a section from the novel “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler, while Ben Sharpio was talking about the US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. they made racist sentences. Moreover, fake voiceovers were not just these. Statements about homophobic, transophobic and violence were also shared.


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ElevenLabs, which is still in beta, has made a statement on the subject!


Aware of the posts on 4chan, the ElevenLabs team made a statement about artificial intelligence, which is still in beta. Expressing their satisfaction with the interest shown in artificial intelligence for voice cloning, the officials said, your abuses They announced that they are aware of and will work on new security features related to this. But how effective will these efforts be? not yet known.

Deepfake technology is considered a crime in the UK!


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