Emergency Meeting from WHO for Monkeypox Virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) decided to hold an emergency meeting for the monkeypox virus, which has been seen in many countries recently.

While the whole world has just begun to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, ‘Monkey Flower’ A disease called It was stated that this virus, the details of which can be found here, has begun to spread worldwide and can be deadly.

As we have conveyed to you, in today’s news, cases, 0-11% It was reported that the monkeypox virus, which is stated to have a mortality rate, is also seen in Canada, Sweden, Italy and Belgium. Now, it has been stated that there has been an important development about this virus, which has started to scare people.

Emergency meeting decision from the World Health Organization

According to the news, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that more than 100 possible cases of monkeypox have emerged in Europe. emergency meeting took. It was also stated that the committee to be convened does not have the authority to declare a ‘Public Health Emergency’ applied in the COVID pandemic. In the previous statements, experts said that the virus should not be worried about and that the disease is a disease like COVID. not expected to turn into a pandemic had transferred.

Monkey pox, which has started to be seen in many countries, is transmitted by a person’s contact with an animal, person or substance that has come into contact with the virus. In addition, the disease; It is stated that it has symptoms such as fever, headache, swelling of the lymph nodes, back pain, muscle aches, lack of energy and skin rash.


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