Elon Musk’s plans did not work: Twitter employees resign

Elon Musk laid off nearly four thousand of his employees, citing why the company suffered a loss after buying Twitter. In addition to this, the famous businessman terminated his senior employees and employees who objected to him in any matter. Finally, Elon Musk, who offered to switch to difficult working conditions on Twitter, was opposed and resigned. Many employees, including experienced names, resigned from Twitter.

The resigning names shared their Twitter stickers!

Elon Musk announced that after the big layoff, the company was in a loss and now it was necessary to adopt the 2.0 model. The CEO sent an e-mail to his employees who continue to work, asking them to click yes if they accept that the working conditions will now be extremely difficult and long. Such employees would switch to an extremely demanding and long form of work called 2.0 Twitter.

In this message he sent, Elon Musk stated that if they were dismissed, they would be out of business after November 17. Hundreds of Twitter employees did not accept the new working model and decided to resign.

Elon Musk takes his crown: Twitter will not be CEO!

Elon Musk, who is the head of many important companies, entered Twitter in search of a new CEO. Business people have important reasons.

The exact number is unknown, but it is estimated that there are very few employees left on Twitter. It is unclear for now what the famous businessman will do after this situation. Because the company has been dragged into chaos after the latest changes and decisions taken. On the other hand, the businessman shared the following image on his social media account:

Twitter employees who resigned made posts on their social media accounts showing the stickers on their computers. Some of the ex-employees stated that they were relieved when they left after the chaos created by Elon Musk. Twitter and Elon Musk have not yet made a statement about the employees who resigned. Here are some of those social media posts:

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