Elon Musk’s Enthusiasm To Create The “X” That He Calls The Implementation Of Everything

We’re talking about the impulsive decisions he’s made about the platform since Elon Musk owns Twitter. The reason he is so aggressive about it may actually be his enthusiasm to create an “app of everything”.

Elon Musk has also made a name for himself with the decisions he has taken at companies such as SpaceX and Tesla. on twitter decisions are sharper While it may seem like it’s not the first sharp attitude at their company.

Beneath these harsh Twitter decisions, the app to super app converting may lie. Let’s examine the term super app and what Elon actually wants to do.

Super app is not a new concept.

These super apps, you can think of most technology services incorporating applications. They are quite popular, especially in Asia.

One of the most popular super app, originating in China WeChathas 1.24 billion users. Thanks to WeChat, users can pay their bills, transfer money, play games, order food and even file for divorce through a single platform.

People living in a continent other than Asia to the super app concept they are not very familiar. If we go through the example of the USA; DoorDash is used to order food, Uber is used for driving, Amazon is used for shopping, PayPal is used for money transfer and this apps separately. as download.

This situation also in our country not considered different. We install ordering applications to order food, banking applications to transfer money, and taxi applications to call a taxi.

Elon Musk talked about the all-inclusive “X” app.

“Buying Twitter is the accelerator for building everything app X.”

Elon Musk, in his tweet months ago, the all-encompassing app He said that he will create a new platform and mentioned that acquiring Twitter could speed up the realization of this wish.

In the statements that followed this tweet, it would be a great success to bring Twitter closer to the WeChat example, and Twitter will take 3 to 5 years to set up the everything application. can pull forward he had said.

Could Twitter easily become a super app?

If the decision is made to turn Twitter into a super app, this is the way to go. it won’t be an easy way we can say. First of all, Twitter has less than half a million users and monthly active users; It has quite a few competitors compared to TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. First of all, the platform more users needs to be included.

Its rivals, Instagram and Facebook, already have shopping and gaming features. This is also why Twitter is in these areas. catching up with its competitors means needed. Adding a new feature to applications is not as easy as it seems. Even the simple test process can take months.

Banking regulations in the USA stricter on security issues, especially data privacy. This can make it difficult for Twitter to create a payment method.

Most importantly, it allows existing users to respond to these changes. convince. To give the simplest example, Instagram’s “Reels” feature is still being discussed by users even though it has been months since it was added. When we combine all of these parts, as we said at the beginning, Twitter’s job will not be easy.

The x.com domain is already ready…

Musk used the x.com domain before renaming his online payment service to PayPal. On July 5, 2017, he acquired the x.com domain, which he did not have until 2017. showing emotional reasons Bought it back from PayPal. If Elon Musk creates his super app and names it X, the x.com domain is already ready.

So what do you guys think about the super app? Would you like to have all the features in one app?

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