Elon Musk Ordered Raw Meatballs On His Private Plane [Video]

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, ordered raw meatballs on his plane during his visit to Turkey in 2017, according to a new video shared. Details were given by the chairman of the board of the restaurant chain, who took the direct order.

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX companies, in 2017 A surprise visit to Turkey had accomplished. The leading name of the technology world met with President Erdogan during his visit in November 2017, visited Anıtkabir and made important agreements whose effects are still reflected today.

On the other hand, an interview published on YouTube recently revealed an interesting but highly probable event about Musk’s visit. ChefStory, which tells the stories of Turkey’s brands in the field of food and beverage, firsthand. Develi Restaurants, which is the guest of the video of the YouTube channel. Chairman of the Board of Directors Arif Develiannounced that they served Elon Musk during this visit, and even then sent raw meatballs with takeaway.

“We prepared a package and sent it to his plane”

“A friend of mine who attended Harvard University said that a close friend of mine was on Elon Musk’s team. We also conveyed that we would like to host Elon Musk in Develi during his visit to Turkey. Musk and his team came and tasted the food. He loved the pistachio kebab. He even wrote a note in our diary saying ‘Thank you for the wonderful tastes’.

Before he left Turkey, his team reached out to us again and said that Musk wanted to eat from us again. We prepared a package containing local products such as Çiğköfte, pistachio kebab and kibbeh and sent it to his plane.“

Arif Develi’s story, Elon Musk’s visit in 2017 Turkish cuisine experience It also revealed the details.


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