Elon Musk Made a Pie Tray from the Shield of the Mars Rocket

In a photo from the genius billionaire Elon Musk’s meeting with the Indonesian president, it was noted that Musk used an object similar to the heat shield of the Mars rocket as a serving dish. A SpaceX employee confirmed that this object is a heat shield.

Genius billionaire Elon Musk, who has made a name for himself with his attempt to buy Twitter in the past weeks, bought it last week. had suspended. He will later sell his SpaceX shares to his employees. explaining Musk recently met with Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

A photo shared by Widodo, who met with Elon Musk at the Stargate SpaceX building, soon became a phenomenon on social media. The main thing that stood out in the photo was that the donuts standing next to Musk were served in the heat shield of the Stargate rocket.

SpaceX staff confirmed the claim

Photo shared by Joko Widodo, meeting with Elon Musk.

Musk shared his tests in 2019 and to 1376° These plates, which can withstand as much heat as SpaceX’s Mars mission, will serve as heat protection shields of the Stargate space rocket. However, in the photo, Musk’s heat shield is almost like a like a serving platter noted for its use.

Some users call Musk ‘not valuing their work‘ while many users blame these heat shields because of Musk’s different thinking. out of purpose itself, as it is used in various ways. congratulated.

A Futurism writer reached out to a SpaceX employee and asked if the object in the photo was really a heat shield. SpaceX employee Sid Chambers said it was indeed a heat shield. confirmed.


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After the heat shield was used as a serving dish, neither Musk nor Widodo made any comments on the subject. no explanation was given.

Video where Elon Musk introduces the heat shield;

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