Elon Musk Goes To Court For Tesla Shares

Elon Musk is facing one of the most serious lawsuits he has ever faced. It is claimed that a share made by Elon Musk in 2018 caused more than $ 1 billion in losses for Tesla shareholders. The loss of Elon Musk’s case will cause a lot of pain to the business person.

The first hearing was held in the lawsuit filed against billionaire businessman Elon Musk for a tweet he posted in 2018. Elon Musk’s lawyersinsignificantIt is stated that the sharing, which they launched as “, lost billions of dollars to ordinary investors. Tesla shareholders involved in the case, Elon Musk over $1 billion are seeking compensation.

Elon Musk shared Tesla shares in 2018 for 420 dollars He stated that he was considering the purchase and even provided financing for it, in other words, the funds were secured. Here are Tesla shareholders, who rely on this statement, Elon Musk’s that you liedThey state that they did not buy Tesla and as a result, they lost money reaching the billion dollar level.

According to Elon Musk’s lawyers, the incident consists of “wrong word choice”

Lawyers defending on behalf of Elon Musk at the hearing said that the sharing in question was not important, and that Elon Musk made the aforementioned statement. for choosing the wrong words They say something like this happened. However, the situation is different according to the plaintiff’s lawyers. Accordingly, Elon Musk deliberately made the said share and caused an imbalance in Tesla shares. For example; The plaintiff, named Glen Littleton, was undecided due to the statement made, and as a result 3.5 million dollars He says he is losing money.

Elon Musk may lose his reputation along with his money!

Elon Musk would be quite upset if he lost the lawsuit filed in San Francisco distressed It looks like it’s going into a process. Because 1 billion dollars compensation is not at the level that can be eaten. Moreover, things are not just that. Elon Musk in case the case is lost loss of reputation It is believed that he will live. The reason for this is that Elon Musk makes remarkable debuts from time to time. There are those who remember; One sentence he uttered was enough to make Dogecoin prices skyrocket.

Elon Musk

Meanwhile; It should be said that the case in the USA brings up a striking fact about Elon Musk. According to the statements made by Musk’s lawyers, the businessman really wanted Tesla. wanted to buy. He even found supporters from Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi investors’ stepping back, Elon Musk’s swallow what you say caused.

Later in the case, Elon Musk is also expected to make a defense. During that defense, Musk will probably explain the issue and explain why the sharing was made. Here is a situation like this. If Elon Musk takes a rest and, as a result of the investigation, if it is concluded that the sharing was made consciously, this time the shareholders It’s a matter of what the total loss is will come to the fore. Then it’s quite possible that we’re talking about astonishing numbers.

You can find Elon Musk’s post in 2018 below:

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