Elon Musk gave the date for the launch of Starship

starship, SpaceX It is known as a reusable launch vehicle designed by Starship Program While it had a small development team in the early years, 2018 Since then, it has acquired a large development and construction team. Elon Musk, Crew Dragon‘Fame May 2020 of this program after its launch in SpaceXHe said it has become his top priority.

starship rocket, TexasIt’s still under development. Major progress has been made in key aspects such as the launch tower and the installation of vacuum Raptor engines that will power the vehicle once it reaches space. Elon Musk, starship The launch, which he said would be done earlier, was delayed. Now that it has gathered the necessary documents for launch, he says the rocket will finally be ready for its first orbital flight trials next month.

NASA announced the astronauts of SpaceX Crew-5!

The US Aerospace Agency (NASA) announced that it has appointed the astronauts of the Crew-5 mission in cooperation with Elon Musk’s company SpaceX.

What is SpaceX waiting for to launch Starship?

SpaceX, starship‘of Brownsville, Texas To test a flight from a development location outside US Federal Aviation Administration‘Why (US Federal Aviation Administration – FAA) will request confirmation. The reason for this approval is that the administration needs to make sure that all precautions are taken to provide the least risk in the event of a possible mishap during launch.

After this atmospheric flight trial SpaceX‘s biggest goal, starship and Super Heavy It will also launch the combined version of the booster out of Earth orbit. Elon Musk, said the company is technically ready for this step. However FAAA recent call to make public comments to issue a launch license may delay approval of the request. This may prolong the process for more than a month.

During the town hall meetings last week, starship supporters and opponents came together. Before the next step has been taken FAAof SpaceX They brought up issues that needed to be reviewed together with them. This way, both parties can reach an agreement.

with this FAA, there is a possibility to issue a temporary license for a test purpose. While this situation persists, it may reconsider the launch permissions and fix some of them. Thus, both SpaceX‘of starship plans will not be disrupted, and there will be enough time to be sure of the necessary security measures.

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