Elon Musk Changed His Twitter Name: Mr. tweet

Elon Musk had changed his name on Twitter to “Mr. Tweet”, for which no one understood why. The background of the event was shared today. On the other hand, Musk suffered the wrath of his own platform.

sole owner of Twitter since October 2021 Elon Muskchanged the name of his Twitter account the other day.Mr. tweet” made. The background of this change has come to light only today. On the other hand, Musk also regretted the change.

The reason for Elon Musk’s name change was shared by Financial Times columnist Patrick McGee. The name change was opened about Musk’s post in 2018. $1 billion lawsuit It was caused by a funny incident that took place in court.

The lawyer of those who sued Musk, called Musk “Mr. “Tweet,” he recalled:

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