Elon Musk Category Revealed in Twitter Algorithm

While Twitter’s recommendation algorithm was just shared as open source, it turned out that Elon Musk was placed at a key point in this algorithm.

The other day, Elon Musk, after a long wait, caused a question mark in people’s minds. Twitter suggestion algorithm It was released as open source. The reason for sharing the algorithm in question was that in the first place, users were offered unrelated posts, even if they were not popular.

Moreover, the company does not respond to such complaints.because of this”, he needed a concrete basis to show, and it wouldn’t make much sense unless the other party saw this algorithm. But while we’re focused on this in algorithm Little surprises are not uncommon.

Below you can see some of the categories included in the codes in the algorithm.

Cody L. Wellman

As you can see here, there are democrats at the top and republicans at the bottom, while there are democrats at the bottom. Elon stands out. In this grouping, which is basically made to collect data and take action according to the data, Elon Musk’s own tweets. to a separate category It’s pretty weird to put it.

The fact that this was later deleted from the algorithm also makes the issue even more strange.

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