Elon Musk appeared before the judge! Billion dollar damage accusation

The second hearing took place in the lawsuit filed due to a tweet by famous businessman Elon Musk in 2018. The billionaire made many statements at the trial. Musk stated that his sharing was not a joke. He also said that he could sell his shares in SpaceX in order to buy Tesla at that time. Here are the details!

Musk says he’s considering buying Tesla shares for $420

Elon Musk went to the second hearing of the stock market fraud case opened due to his tweet in 2018. In his tweet, Musk stated that he is considering buying Tesla shares for $ 420 and that he is also financing it.

Those who traded against the statement and were disappointed afterwards Tessa shareholders focused on Musk. However, they stated that Musk lied, did not buy Tesla and lost billions of dollars.

Elon Musk complains about Twitter's advertising policy!

Elon Musk complains about Twitter’s advertising policy!

What did Elon Musk say about Twitter ads? According to Musk’s statement, the number of ads on Twitter will be reduced.

Musk’s lawyers said that this sharing is not important. He also stated that such things happened because the famous businessman chose the wrong words while making a statement. The situation is different for the plaintiff’s lawyers. According to them, Musk made this sharing deliberately. This caused imbalances in Tesla shares.

However, Musk, in his post “financed” He made a statement about the reason for his speech. Also in the description SpaceX shares pointed. He stated that the sale of shares with Tesla has the power to buy all the shares.

Elon Musk appeared before the judge!  Billion dollar damage accusation

In addition to all this, Musk was asked one of the most curious questions. 420 is a number that is related to the drugs that Elon Musk used some times. Attorneys for Tesla shareholders said at the hearing, 420He asked if it was a conscious choice. The famous businessman stated that this was a coincidence.

Elon Musk seems to have a very difficult process if he loses the case. The reason for this is that there is a 1 billion dollar compensation result. In addition to the loss of money, it is also claimed that there will be loss of reputation.

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