Elizabeth Olsen: I’m Embarrassed in Marvel Movies

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, shared with Variety that she felt embarrassed during the filming. Olsen also explained the reason for this embarrassment.

While the behind-the-scenes footage of superhero movies often highlights green or blue screens, it’s rarely seen what the actors went through during the shoot. In those moments that are usually filled with effects what players can experience about a statement came today from Marvel’s Wanda.

Popular actress playing the character of Wanda Elizabeth OlsenIn a statement to Variety, he talked about filming the scene where Vision died during filming. Olsen, recreating scenes like this it’s embarrassing, explained the reasons.

Let’s remember the scene first:

Elizabeth Olsen’s description:

“I mean, it’s so embarrassing to shoot this kind of stuff because the world depends on you doing it. We also made some improvisations, which is difficult to do at those moments. But it also felt good because at that point, Paul Bettany and I really had each other’s backs. It was one of the last things we shot. If we had to improvise that rhythm a bit, I felt really comfortable with it as an actor. We were trying to find him with the Russos guiding us. When it was over, it was a huge relief. I remember giggling as I put on Brolin’s (Thanos) helmet for the rest of the day. I do not know. These movies are ridiculous, but you have to act like an animal for them to work.

-What was embarrassing?

Because you – [elini uzatırken] you are like this. I do this in public. But you have one hand that stops something with energy, and then you have another hand that pulls out something fake. It’s painful and emotional.”

The ordeal of portraying superheroes was previously demonstrated by The Boys star as follows:

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