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It’s best at home!

Did Queen Elizabeth II (95) think that on Tuesday when she flew in the helicopter in the gray sky over Windsor Castle? Probably, because the return to the castle also has a symbolic character: The Queen is back! And will probably make a public appearance this week. It would be her first since October 19th.

Background: The British people have been worried about the monarch’s state of health for weeks because doctors urged her to calm down. The result: Many appointments were canceled, the Queen only did light home office work. She spent the last five days at her country estate in Sandringham to take a complete – if only a small – break.

Now the powerful, deafening return in the helicopter!

You feel “refreshed” after the short vacation, so a palace insider to the British “Mirror”. No wonder: Sandringham is a special place for the Queen. This is where she spent – and still spends – time with her family. The royal family traditionally celebrates Christmas here to this day. And it is the place to which her beloved husband Prince Philip († 99) retired after starting his retirement in late summer 2017.

First appearance of the Queen after her rest period?

The Queen should now look forward to her heart-felt appointment: On the coming Sunday, the so-called “Remembrance Sunday”, the United Kingdom will remember the soldiers of the Commonwealth who fell in the two world wars and other conflicts. The royal family has been gathering for a service for decades at the cenotaph, a memorial in London’s government district, with high-ranking politicians and military personnel.

According to “Mirror“Queen Elizabeth wants to attend this event at all costs. “This date is firmly cemented into your calendar. It would give herself and the veterans a boost if the Queen made it to the event, ”said a palace insider.

Why is this appointment so important to the Queen? The Queen is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) and, according to the Palace website, “is also the wife, mother and grandmother of people who served in the armed forces.”

The Queen flies in here

Concern for the queen

In mid-October, the Queen spent one night in the hospital, after which the doctors ordered two weeks of rest due to extreme exhaustion and sent the monarch to the home office.

She only took part virtually at the UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. Very reluctantly, the Queen had her trips canceled by her spokesman, according to palace insiders. But some also said that the Queen is worse off than it seems.

After the British Queen floated into Windsor by helicopter and got off at the helipad, she got into her Range Rover and drove the car into the castle

After the British Queen got off the helipad, she was driven to the castle grounds in a Range Rover

Her doctors gave the go-ahead for the trip to Sandringham, as the helicopter flight there only takes 50 minutes and the Queen promised to continue recovering on the property.

According to “Mirror”, the obedient Queen has given her employees tasks to prepare the country estate for Christmas. Traditionally, the British royals meet at Sandringham House over the festive season.

Perhaps the anticipation provided the Queen with an extra portion of energy, which I am sure can use now at Windsor Castle.

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