Elijah Wood Reveals His Favorite Lord of the Rings Movie

Elijah Wood, star of the Lord of the Rings series, announced which is his favorite Lord of the Rings movie on a podcast program he participated in. Wood also explained why the movie was his favourite.

One of the most loved series in the history of cinema. Lord of the Rings His first movie was released 20 years ago. The series, which has kept its timeliness for 20 years and managed to create the same effect every time it is watched, is also on the agenda with its new series, which is preparing to appear on Amazon Prime recently. However, movies always manage to reserve a place on the agenda.

Choosing the favorite movie of the series is a very difficult task, especially for fans of the series. It must be much more difficult for the players who took part in the team and gave life to unforgettable characters. Gathering the love of millions with the character of Frodo, which he brought to life Elijah Wood, He also touched on this issue in a podcast program he participated in.

Wood’s favorite: The Fellowship of the Ring

Explaining that the Lord of the Rings series has a very important place in his life in the podcast program called ReelBlend, which he participated in, Wood said in his statement:The feel of filming The Fellowship of the Ring was always phenomenal because of the team interaction. For me it was especially nice to spend time together as the 4 Hobbits and we were very close to each other. Being with Viggo (Mortensen), Sean Bean and Orlando (Bloom) and the sequences we worked on as a whole were always exciting as well. But yes, like you, I have a special love for The Fellowship of the Ring as a movie. There is something in this friendship, in the bond they share, in the beginning of the journey that splits in two and becomes something else from The Two Towers. There is something truly magical about The Fellowship of the Ring and yes it remains my favorite of the three moviesHe said that the first movie of the series was his favourite.


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New series in 2022:

Thousands of years before the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series, where we can watch the Lord of the Rings universe again; The new series, which will tell the second age of Middle-earth, in September 2022 It will meet its audience on Amazon Prime.

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