Electronic Arts: Hackers steal program code from “Fifa 2021” – game news

Hacker attack on game developer Electronic Arts (EA).

Criminals broke into the company’s network and stole the program code for the hit game “Fifa 2021”, among other things. They are now trying to sell it in hacker forums, reports Vice.com.

Electronic Arts has confirmed the attack. 780 gigabytes of data were stolen, but no player data was affected. “Player data was not accessed, and we have no reason to believe that there is a risk to the privacy of the players,” Vice.com quoted a company spokesman as saying.

In addition to the “Fifa 2021” program code, the Frostbite game engine was also stolen, which is the basis for titles in the “Battlefield” series, among other things.

In their sales offers in hacker forums, the criminals advertise that the buyer of the stolen data can use all of Electronic Arts’ services. In fact, it would be possible to create your own programs using the stolen software.