Electricity Raise At Least 30 Percent On The Way

At the meeting organized by the Electricity Distribution Services Association (ELDER), an agreement was reached with the top executives of the distribution companies on a new raise.

Organized for the 14th time by the Electricity Distribution Services Association (ELDER) the other day, attended by senior executives In the Sector Evaluation Meeting, new demands regarding electricity prices were presented.

After the meeting, a consensus was reached on the demands made. According to the news of DW Turkish, electricity sales prices will be valid in the coming days. Another raise is coming.

The new hike decision is expected to be finalized as of July 1

A similar news came from EMRA last month, and a new hike was made in electricity by 15 to 25 percent. However, distribution companies officials demanded a new hike, underlining the increase in exchange rate difference and rising energy resource costs. In line with the requests of the authorities A consensus was reached for a 30 percent increase.

In addition, according to the news in question, it is expected that a 30 percent hike decision will be taken as of July 1 and will enter into force in a short time. If the new hikes come into effect, the first stage will be used in total from the first years of 2022. 58 percent, a 137 percent increase in second-stage usage will be.

In case of a new hike, 230 kWh bill in the first stage lower limit from 332 TL to 430 TL; in the second level lower limit from 475 TL to 760 TL will come out.


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