Election campaign: Princess of Prussia wants to become a school senator in Berlin – domestic politics

Berlin election campaign with a glamor factor and controversial theses!

The CDU has appointed a shadow senator for the school system for the federal capital. It is Anabel Cäcilia Princess of Prussia-Ternès von Hattburg. She should take over the school department if CDU top candidate Kai Wegner (49) wins the election.

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Futurologist Ternès (usually leaves out her title of nobility) wants to teach the classes – in individual subjects – separately according to gender, said BILD:

“Due to the different development and socialization, there are quite a few girls and young women who experience it as strengthening and motivating when they learn separately according to sex in IT and mathematics subjects.”

Anabel Cäcilia Princess of Prussia-Ternès (49) married Tengelmann heir Georg Haub (59) in 2018Photo: Getty Images for Deutsche AIDS-S

Therefore, she thinks it makes sense to “open up rigid structures in the classroom in order to enable individual support and equal opportunities”.

The CDU also wants the top notes back: “We will anchor secondary virtues such as adherence to rules and value orientation as an educational goal.”