Einstein’s Manuscript Notes Sold for Record Price

The 54-page notes, which include the works of Albert Einstein and his friend Michelle Besso, were put up for auction yesterday and found buyers for 13 million 383 thousand euros. Estimates for the manuscript were around 3.5 million euros.

The other day, we announced that a manuscript, of which the majority of the handwriting of German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, would be put up for auction. This 54-page manuscript, in total 29 pages to Einstein’s handwriting and notes was giving place. In the remaining pages Writings of Einstein’s friend Michelle Besso was located.

These pages, which show the work of the duo trying to solve a mystery about Mercury’s orbit, in the most concrete way, are also ideas and equations that will also be the basis of the theory of relativity. gives place. The pages, which were put up for auction yesterday evening, were expected to be sold at a record price due to their importance and sound preservation. The expected came true, even the record price, which was an expectation, was too weak compared to the selling price.

Estimated at most 3.5 million dollars, sold for 13 million euros:

Filled in by Albert Einstein and Michelle Besso in early June 1913 – early 1914 at auction at Christie’s Auction House in Paris, 13 million 383 thousand euros (approximately 194 million TL) sold. Pre-auction ceiling estimate 3.5 million euros The name of the person who bought the 54 pages, which was sold for 13 million euros, was not disclosed. The document became both one of the most valuable remnants of Einstein and the most scientific manuscript.

Vincent Belloy, one of the experts at the auction house, stated that it is extraordinary that this document, which has been well preserved until today, has survived to this day. Belloy noted that Einstein was a non-sentient collaborator of these manuscripts. thanks to Besso expressed.


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Einstein’s last manuscript to go on sale was one he sent to a rival physicist, which contained the famous equation E=mc2. This manuscript, which went up for auction in May 2021, for 1.2 million dollars had found a buyer. Two notes Einstein wrote to the bellboy at a hotel in Tokyo sold for a total of $1.5 million in 2017.

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