Effect of Vaccines on Delta Variant Revealed

Three more recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA reveal how the effect of the delta variant changes against the vaccine. According to the studies in question, current vaccines reduce the risk of contracting the variant by 5 times, while reducing the hospitalization rate by 10 times. It also reduces the risk of death by 11 times.

which has greatly reduced the great anxiety caused by the pandemic all over the world. COVID-19 vaccines, had again become the focus of discussion with the emergence of new variants. In this context, the most prominent of these variants Delta variantIt still causes people to worry.

Recently, we shared with you the effect of the said variant on children. Now we have research on adults. The information presented by 3 studies in total, as in children, great impact of vaccines it reveals. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

The risk of death from the virus decreases 11 times with the vaccine:

in America Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The first of his studies looked at data from more than 600,000 adults before the delta variant (April 4 – June 19) and after (June 20 – July 17). By separating these data by age groups, the researchers found that the risk of infection of people who were vaccinated before the delta variant was higher than those who did not. 11 times less he saw it. In the period after the delta variant, this rate 4.6 times appeared to be.

hospitalization rates. Compared to those who did not, the hospitalization rate of people who were vaccinated 13 times more less (pre-Delta) appeared to be. After delta, this rate is 10 times declined. caused by virus in deaths On the other hand, the rate of death of people who are vaccinated due to the virus is higher than those who are not vaccinated. 16.6 times less (pre-Delta) appeared to be. In the post-delta period, this ratio is to 11.3 declined.

COVID-19 Vaccine

These data all The researchers who reviewed it said they saw a decline in the effectiveness of vaccines—although they are still highly effective and critical in fighting the virus. In this context, the delta variant was preceded by infection. 91 percent Vaccines that are effective at a rate of 78 percent reached the level. In addition, the rate of protection against the risk of hospitalization from 92 percent to 90 percent protection against the risk of death while regressing from 94 percent to 91 percent appeared to fall.

This decline is even greater in the elderly:

COVID-19 Vaccine

In the second study, approximately 33 thousand Adult cases of COVID-19 have been observed. At this point, vaccines roughly offset the risk of hospitalization. percent 86 provided protection. But when the data is broken down by age group, people between the ages of 18 and 74 89 percent vaccines that provide protection at a rate of 75 years and older 76 percent appeared to provide protection.


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Finally, the third study revealed the differential effects of the vaccine on the elderly. Only 1,000 In the study involving one person, the vaccines against the risk of hospitalization roughly 87 percent appeared to provide protection. The researchers found that between the ages of 18 and 64, this rate is 95 percent but aged 65 and over decreased to 80 percent he saw.

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