Edmund Stoiber’s challenge: “We have to attack again!” | Regional

Munich – The CDU / CSU is threatened with the biggest election failure of all time! According to current surveys, the CDU stands at 21 percent nationwide, the CSU even slipped below the 30 percent mark in Bavaria.

BILD asked the CSU honorary chairman Dr. Edmund Stoiber (79): “Will the CDU / CSU still manage the turnaround?” The 79-year-old: “One always hopes. The CDU / CSU has to fight until the last moment because it is still possible. It’s just surveys. “

Stoiber attaches enormous importance to the party congress. “I hope that there will be another manifestation of togetherness, a fight for every voice. We have to attack again, ”said Stoiber.

BILD chief reporter Stephan Kürthy in conversation with Edmund Stoiber when saying goodbye to Munich’s Mercedes boss Ulrich Kowalewski

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What would opposition mean for the CDU / CSU?

Stoiber: “Opposition is necessary, but crap. Opposition is a difficult time. That is why I wish my friends in the CDU / CSU that they take their chance to get another swing in the remaining 14 days. ”