East German women earn more than men

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In the East, a particularly large number of women work in the public sector and in the health sector.

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Nuremberg In eastern Germany, female employees earn an average of 82 euros more than men. This was announced by the Federal Employment Agency on Saturday with a view to German Unity Day on October 3rd in Nuremberg. In the west, however, the median wage for women is on average 461 euros lower than that for men.

The experts at the Federal Agency attribute the differences in pay for men and women between East and West to the different structures in the sectors. In the old federal states, there are more large companies in male-dominated sectors such as manufacturing.

In East Germany, the proportion of women in public administration or the health sector is relatively high. However, the level in the west is higher. The east-west difference in pay was still 619 euros last year. But something is happening here. In 2020 the difference was 650 euros, in 2017 even 739 euros.

According to the information, full-time employees in the east earned an average of 117 euros more last year, compared to only 86 euros in the west. The median monthly salary for men was EUR 3,787 in the West and EUR 2,978 in the East.

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