Earth Images from the Orion Spacecraft’s Eyes [Video]

Images of the Earth from the eyes of the Orion spacecraft were shared in the Artemis I mission, which NASA launched yesterday. Everything that has happened so far has happened on this geoid…

NASA launched the first mission of the Artemis mission program, where humanity will return to the Moon and will now carry out projects on the Moon. NASA’s most powerful rocket SLS and Orion spacecraftwas launched unmanned. The rocket, which was launched at night in the USA, almost turned the night into day during the launch.

While the Artemis I mission continues, NASA shared a video showing how the Earth looks from the eyes of the spacecraft this time. From the outer cameras of the Orion spacecraft Worldit looked like this:

Each of the 8 billion people live atop this geoid structure:

The interior of the Orion spacecraft looks like this:

artemis 1

There is also a mannequin inside the Orion spacecraft, in which the astronauts will be on their way to the Moon. NASA has turned off the screens on the spacecraft for a reason it did not explain. The image from inside the spacecraft was cut off after a while.

To see the launch and the entire view of Earth through the eyes of the spacecraft:

The moments when the spacecraft started showing the Earth from the 27th minute you can see. However, the vehicle receives its energy movement of solar panels You can also see it live.

This is how Artemis I turned night into day:

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