EA Windows App Officially Released

Electronic Arts has released its new application called EA, which will replace Origin, for Windows PCs. The application, which is completely free, offers some remarkable features for players.

One of the leading names in the video game world Electronic Artsmade a statement that concerns all players 2 years ago. In this statement, the company’s client “Origin”, which has been used for more than 10 years, will be unplugged and a brand new software will be released. was announced. Now it has been expected and Electronic Arts has been in Beta for a while. new client officially published.

In the official statement made by Electronic Arts, “EAIt was stated that the new application, called “, is the lightest client to date. Mentioning what the application offers, the company said that players with macOS operating system origin He said he will continue to use it. Let’s take a closer look at the EA application together.

EA has a pretty simple interface

The EA app is pretty simple and plain It has an interface. This seems to be the reason for preference for many players. So much so that there is a section on the left side of the application where the games are located. This section lists previously installed EA games. In addition, this section is used when a new game is wanted to be purchased. On the right, users to profile pages There is a section that will allow them to access and there is a friends menu just below this section. New news from EA games is placed in the middle of the application. Let’s say that the language of the application is English and the currency you will use in the application is the Turkish lira.

EA app

The application brings together all the games purchased from Electronic Arts and allows the games to be managed from here. such that game updates and the library can be accessed via EA. In addition, game updates will also be made through this application. An impressive feature of EA is that the created account can be paired with accounts on other platforms such as Steam, Xbox or PlayStation. can connect formation. Players who perform the account linking process will also be able to view their friends on other platforms through the EA application. Users who have the same games will be able to start playing together instantly.

If you want to download the new application developed for Windows computers, here you can click the link.

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