EA Will Lay off 100 Employees!

EA, which had to change the name of the series as a result of not being able to agree with FIFA in the past days, came to the fore with the claim that it would lay off nearly 100 employees just after this news. In a statement made by EA, it was stated that the layoffs were not related to the FIFA dispute.

Electronic Arts’ sports games division has almost been created by EA Sports. Developed over 30 years It was announced last week that FIFA games will become history. EA Sports announced that the name of the game series was changed after the non-renewable agreement with FIFA.

With the said change, the new name of FIFA games will be EA Sports FC from 2023, while another effect of the agreement was shared today. Inside information obtained by Kotaku is available to EA approximately at the expiration of the agreement. will lay off 100 employees showed.

Customer service will be offered by external companies:

According to official emails shared by internal sources, EA has decided to part ways with its 100 employees at its Austin office, following the departure from FIFA. These employees deal with the players’ complaints and requests live. in the customer service department reported to be employees.

With the layoffs, customer service is no longer offered directly by EA, according to sources. by third party companies will be presented. On the other hand, a representative who spoke to Kotaku after the allegations explained that the change in question was not related to the EA Sports FC announcement or any game series.


FIFA Makes History: EA Announces the New Name of the 30-Year-Old Legendary Series!

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