EA Games Get Up To 90% Off

Electronic Arts has discounted almost all of its games and packs, from NFS Unbound to Sims 4 expansion packs.

Lunar New Year, the first big discount period of the gaming industry, has arrived. In this period when the first day of the new year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, companies such as EA, Steam and Rockstar Games usually organize various discounts and campaigns all over the world.

Electronic Arts, one of the largest game companies in the world, made historical discounts of up to 90% on dozens of games special for the 2023 Lunar New Year. In these discounts, productions such as Need for Speed ​​Unbound and FIFA 23, which were released about 2 months ago, were also seriously discounted.

Need For Speed ​​Unbound

  • Regular Price: Standard Edition 1,199.99 TL-Palace Version 1,399,99 TL
  • EA Sale Price: Standard Edition 599.99 TL-Palace Version 699.99 TL
  • Steam Sale Price: Standard Edition 599.99 TL-Palace Version 699.99 TL

Need for Speed ​​Unbound, which was released by EA at the end of last November and was both criticized and praised especially for its visual design language, wants to bring a new breath to the arcade racing game series, which has been old for years. For the first time since its release, the game is going on a big sale and due to the constantly updated currency prices, NFS Unbound You may not get it this cheap again.


  • Regular Price: Standard Edition 699.99 TL-Ultimate Version 899.99 TL
  • EA Sale Price: Standard Edition 209.99 TL-Ultimate Version 359.99 TL
  • Steam Discounted Price: No discount

FIFA, EA’s most successful game series to date, repeats itself every year according to some football lovers, thanks to the updated models and physics engine for many players every year. even more realistic It offers a gaming experience. If you want to enjoy FIFA 23 until the next game in the series comes out, this discount may be the luck you’ve been waiting for.

Battlefield 2042

  • Regular Price: Standard Edition 599.99 TL-Ultimate Version 1,099.99 TL
  • EA Sale Price: Standard Edition 197.99 TL-Ultimate Version 494.99 TL
  • Steam Sale Price: Standard Edition 197.99 TL-Ultimate Version 494.99 TL

We come to EA’s most controversial game. BF 2042 has received such heavy criticism since its first beta release that the game managed to become the most negatively commented and lynched game among all FPS war games. Although all the bugs in the game have been more or less fixed, some players are still very prejudiced against this game. However 67% discount on the game This may cause you to overcome your prejudices.


Battlefield 2042, the “Newest Battlefield Game”, Will Be Free to EA Play and Game Pass Subscribers!

Of course, if we try to list all of EA’s discounted games and packages, it will lead to Fizan. However, if you want to review all of EA’s discounted games, located here You can download the games from EA’s official site using the link or here You can review it on Steam using the link. However Not every game discounted on EA’s site is discounted on Steam. Let’s remind.


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