e-Government and e-Pulse data hacked

Turkey’s digital gate in e-Government a big hack alleged attempt. While it was stated that the identity information of millions of citizens fell on the internet, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan TC IDs of dozens of people, including people, may be in danger.

Eminem is upset: YouTube accounts of world-famous artists have been hacked!

The YouTube channels of celebrities such as Eminem, Drake, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Kanye West and Lil Nas X were hacked.

e-Government and e-Pulse hacked: Millions are in danger

In the last statement made by İbrahim Haskoloğlu on Twitter, e-Government and e-Pulse It was stated that there was a major data breach in government-related applications such as Haskoloğlu said that the hackers reached him and President ErdoganHead of the National Intelligence Service by Hakan Fidan He said they had revealed his identity.

Although it is not yet clear who the hackers are, according to Haskoloğlu’s claim, millions of citizens ID, phone, address and even to the insurance number they even had access. İbrahim Haskoloğlu, who asked for his own information to confirm this claim of hackers, stated that a similar vulnerability also applies to him.

In the tweet, which states that the e-Pulse service is also under attack, a citizen’s Covid-19 test result can be changed expressed. Allegedly, hackers had the right to mark anyone they wanted as with coronavirus.

Haskoloğlu stated that he talked to both opposition and government officials regarding the security of data in E-Devlet E-Nabız. “I waited for it to be corrected because there will be those who want to buy this data, but this data has started to be given from some sites,” he said.

In addition to the hackers who carried out the attack, different hacking groups can access this system. In other words, it is highly likely that millions of citizen data registered on government platforms will be put up for sale on the internet.

Celebrity phone numbers also leaked

It was stated that hackers stole the phone numbers of famous names as a result of these attacks. Images leaked online Ata Demirer, Şahan Gökbakar, Şafak Sezer names such as Also on social media Interview Man Mahsun Karaca, known as in his tweet He stated that he was called many times during the day.

on the subject No official statement yet However, citizens of the Republic of Turkey may be in great danger in the cyber world.

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