Driving Schools Consider Closing Due to Costs

A crisis broke out in the driving school industry that unsettles future drivers. According to the statements made by industry sources, the rise in fuel prices made the base price determined in December 2021 for driving courses unsustainable.

Fuel and automobile prices are issues that have been on Turkey’s agenda for a long time. Citizens, when they want to buy a car, see the prices and give up. thinks twice. Now, there has been a remarkable development in this regard. This time too in driving schools crisis broke out. Course owners say they are considering closing, arguing that they cannot afford the increased costs.

With the decision announced in December 2021, driver’s license course training base prices 2,900 TL it happened. This decision has been in effect since January 2022. However, according to Murat Tekin, the President of Istanbul Driving Schools and Educators Federation (İSKEF), this price is no longer sustainable. “While this price was determined last December, fuel expenses were 9 TL, and now it is 30 TL. Vehicle prices have doubled. The minimum wage increased from 2,825 TL to 4,250 TL. This situation increased both fuel costs and car and trainer expenses.” said Tekin, one of 700 driving schools in Istanbul. most of them can close it states.

“The number of people who want to get a license has decreased”

Another name that made a statement on the subject was Serdar Tepeöz, the President of the Central Anatolian Driving Courses and Educators Federation. According to the statements made by Tepeöz, the number of citizens enrolled in driving courses is also 20 percent there is a decline. This is because of the decrease in purchasing power. “Between 110 thousand and 130 thousand people apply to driving courses per month. lately decrease in purchasing power dropped the application of trainees. There was a contraction of about 20 percent in the sector.“This is how Tepeöz summarized the situation. So how will the driving courses survive? Industry sources, interest their demands they have expressed.


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Base prices are determined by the commission once a year. Separate prices are applied in each province. The base price set in December 2021 negatively affected the activities of the courses with the rapidly increasing input costs. We want the base price to be determined twice a year..İsmail Yılmaz, Chairman of the Confederation of Driving Courses and Educators, said that they have made attempts to reconvene the price determination commission, but until today. did not receive a positive response. it states.

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