Dragonfly Capital’s New Crypto Fund Raised $650M

Investing in the crypto money sector, Dragonfly Capital is one of the investors for the third fund it has established. 650 million dollars raised its worth of capital.

Founded in 2018, Dragonfly Capital Dragonfly Ventures III approximate the total value of the assets under management by establishing a new fund called 3 billion dollars took it out.

The goal of this new $650 million fund is “new digital economies” Investing in blockchain and crypto money companies that develop Among the partners of the fund are Tiger Global, KKR, Sequoia China and a few other names.

Dragonfly Capital generally invests in companies it has invested in. in the early stages had invested. The company’s portfolio includes names such as Avalanche, Near Protocol, MakerDAO, Matter Labs.

According to the statement of company executive Tom Schmidt, this third fund has passed the establishment phase and to advanced stages It will also invest in previous companies.

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