Dr. Call from Fahrettin Koca: Support Our Domestic Vaccine

The Scientific Committee met to evaluate the latest situation of the COVID-19 outbreak across the country. Translating what was discussed at the board, Dr. Reminding how important the place of the vaccine is in overcoming the epidemic, Fahrettin Koca stated that individuals with two doses of vaccine can participate in the test studies of the domestic vaccine Turkovac. Husband also said that there is no restriction, because there is a vaccine, and drew attention to the concentration of cases under the age of 23.

With the approach of winter and the cold weather, COVID-19 The rise of cases brings the same question to our minds: Will we experience the same things again? Being aware of this anxiety of the citizens, Science board; the course of the epidemic, its impact on young people, the vaccination program and the domestic COVID-19 vaccine Turkovacmet today to evaluate the current situation of .

In his post on Twitter, he pointed out that as long as we are vaccinated, there will be no need for additional measures. Dr. Fahrettin Koca; Underlining that vaccinated individuals are responsible for taking their own precautions, he invited those who are not vaccinated to be vaccinated once again. Koca also made a remarkable statement.

40% of cases are 23 years or younger:

Even if there is no jump in the course of the epidemic, with small increases, the COVID-19 epidemic that it is ongoing Reminding that, Koca said that the increase in the case rate not vaccinated or did not have all the necessary doses stated that it was due to individuals. With the opening of schools young age groupUnderlining that the cases have increased in Turkey, Koca said; the current cases 40% are under the age of 23 He said he created the group.

Emphasizing that hospitalizations and severe cases have decreased with the effect of vaccines, Koca said that there is a Noting that there is a slowdown, especially on the importance of vaccinating university students mentioned.

On behalf of the country, we have developed our own vaccine. a very big step Noting that there is reminder applied as a phase 3 He also stated that the work is still in progress. Koca said that with the completion of this study, the domestic vaccine emergency use approved for mass productionHe added that he will pass. Stating that Turkey will depend on the outside as long as it does not create its own vaccine power, Koca said; Anyone who has had two doses of the vaccine Turkovac’s work as a volunteer He also said he could join.

‘There are no restrictions, because there is a vaccine’

Fahrettin Koca’s statement, “There are no restrictions, because there is a vaccine. However, if we can provide immunity as a vaccine, there will be no need for additional measures. This is not possible without a collective vaccination.” and urging those who were not vaccinated to be vaccinated again. The increasing number of cases and the distribution of this case caused some reactions to the statement.

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