Dortmund: frontal accident with Renault bike torn to pieces, cyclists in mortal danger! | Regional

Dortmund – The windshield of the white Renault cracked and dented. Traces of an impact that a cyclist almost didn’t survive. After an accident in Dortmund, a young man is in mortal danger.

In the Aplerbeck district, the 23-year-old had apparently suddenly encountered oncoming traffic on a main road late in the evening. There he collided head-on with a car from Italy. The force of the impact catapulted the man against the window, his black mountain bike was torn into several pieces.

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The white Renault with Italian registration could no longer brake

Photo: news4 Video-Line

The cyclist came to the clinic with severe injuries all over his body. The police moved to the scene of the accident with a special accident team in order to reconstruct the course of the crash and to determine the cause.

The central Wittbräucker Straße had to be closed for hours for the investigations.