Domestic Producers Objected to SCT Reduction in Caravans

There is an objection from domestic producers to the SCT reduction in motor caravans, which the caravan industry is waiting for and which was put on the Parliament’s agenda on October 1, on the grounds that it covers all domestic-imported caravans.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about the need for isolation from the world and crowds by revealing the instinct of protection in people. Those who want to turn this situation into a holiday and an opportunity to relax, those who want to be in touch with nature and get away from the effects of the pandemic. to caravans flocked to. As a result, the interest of even those who are not interested in caravans has increased significantly.

Although the interest has increased, as in many vehicles, caravans also SCT rates mobile is on fire. For this reason, even if there is interest, it is not easy to reach the caravans. Within the scope of the measures taken against the exorbitant prices in vehicles and regulations for the benefit of the buyer, the SCT in motor caravans, which the caravan industry expects, from 220 percent to 45 percent The Bill of Law on Amending the Tax Procedure Law and Some Laws, which will reduce caravan prices by approximately 55 percent, was submitted to the parliament on 1 October. Journalist Emre Özpeynirci, in the information he gave on Twitter, stated that the SCT reduction in question covers all domestic and imported caravans. from manufacturers He said there was an objection.

“SCT discount should only be applied to domestic caravans”

local manufacturers complaints and requests Özpeynirci listed the objections and demands as follows:


  • There are close to 800 caravan manufacturers in Turkey, these are imported caravans. to compete front is closed.
  • There are nearly 40 suppliers of caravan equipment in Turkey, they have no one to give supplies to.
  • Employment problem it is lived.


  • 45 percent SCT should be applied in domestic caravan conversion, from imported caravans on the other hand, let 220 percent SCT continue to be taken.
  • In this way sales will increase, the caravan industry will develop more and the quality will increase.


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According to the calculation made by domestic manufacturers on a caravan purchased from abroad for 40 thousand Euros, if domestic production is supported, the price of the imported vehicle will be approximately 1.6 million TL, while the price of the domestic caravan will be around 725 thousand TL.

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