Domestic Netflix Series Hot Head Canceled

Şevket Çoruh, one of the stars of the local dystopian TV series Hot Head, made a statement that will upset the fans. The famous actor, who gave life to the character of Anton, announced on Twitter that the second season of the series will not be released.

Continuing to appear before us with its domestic content, Netflix, Turkey’s first dystopian series last December Hot Head had met us. The production, published from Afsin Kum’s novel of the same name, managed to become very popular in a short time, but divided the audience into two.

While the wait for the second season of the series continues, there has been a development that will upset the fans today. Şevket Çoruh, one of the actors of the production, announced that the series was canceled with a post he shared on Twitter.

No official statement from Netflix yet.

Coruh, on Twitter in sharingIt was a very awkward separation. If I had known, I would not have formed such a close friendship. Our friendship was short livedWhile using his expressions, he also said goodbye to Anton, the character he gave life to in the series:take care Anton

In addition, Çoruh also spoke to someone who asked him if there would be a second season. replied. The famous actor,NoneUsing his statements, he announced that the second season of Hot Head will not be broadcast.

Netflix has yet to confirm the cancellation of the series. no official statement Let’s not go without mentioning. There is no information on why the show was canceled. However, we know that Netflix has terminated the productions that it has not seen successful.


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Hot Head, a dystopian TV series adapted from Afsin Kum’s novel, is mind-to-mind through communication. an epidemic of insanity transmitted through communication he was talking about. The cast of the series included Osman Sonat, Hazal Subaşı, Şevket Çoruh, Haluk Bilginer, Kubilay Tunçer, Gonca Vuslateri and many other famous names.

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