Dollar Rises Above 14 TL With A New Record

While President Erdogan’s statements continued, the dollar started to rise again. The dollar rate broke a new record by rising above 14 TL.

President Erdoğan attended a live broadcast where he evaluated the recent economic developments in the TRT joint live broadcast. During his speech, he repeated frequently in the last period “Interest is the cause, inflation is the result” he continued.

As Erdogan’s speech continued, all eyes were on the increase in the exchange rate. Record back to back last week By over 13 TL The dollar rate, which saw the highest level in history, rose above 14 TL this evening.

The dollar, which saw 14.05 TL, fell again:

A new threshold was crossed this evening in the depreciation of TL against the dollar. The dollar that sees 14.05 TL, then dropped to 13.74 level. At the same time, a similar rise was experienced in the euro. The euro has momentarily passed the level of 15.50.

The rise of the dollar received reaction on social media:

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