Does Wearing a Red Jersey Bring You Closer to Winning?

Could choosing the color red in a boxing match, a football match or a golf match be one step closer to victory? Let’s take a look at the studies on this subject together.

In the Warhammer 40K universe, there is something called Psychic Power, a concept we can simply call mind magic. Orcs use this power collectively. For example, they paint their cars red because “Red daa is ‘fast” (This is what happens when you translate it from Orc English). against colors a similar perception Can it happen to humans too? For example, in sports? Let’s see what the scientists have said about it.

Red color attracts attention in nature, the fastest selection by the human eye We know the color is red. In addition, the color red is often associated with anger, resentment, aggression. From this point of view, can this color be the impetus needed for success in sports?

In fact, this topic was first discussed in a study published in Nature.

nature published in the magazine “Red Enhances human performance in contestsThe article titled ”, in nature red color dominancestates that pale colors are associated with resentment or fear. It is stated that a similar effect may have affected people’s subconscious as a color-based stimulus. Red is seen as the color of testosterone-induced dominance. On the other hand, since the subject of this study is martial arts, it is useful to consider it as a separate basis.

The primary result of this study is as follows: randomly given to the athletes red and blue equipmentcan affect the success of athletes in combat sports. Even referees tend to look out for athletes wearing red. It has been proven that when the colors of the equipment used by the athletes are changed with digital technologies, the decisions of the referees also change.

What is the situation in football, which is everyone’s favorite?


Let’s come to football, you know football The most popular sport as well as the World Cup began. At the time, Alex Ferguson had the gray jerseys removed at half-time so his players could find each other on the pitch and sent his players to the second half wearing red jerseys.

Another study is to Euro 2004 focused. In that tournament where Greece was the champion with heartache, normally red weighted jersey There were five teams wearing it. When these teams wore a different color jersey and preferred their red jerseys, there was a difference in their performance.

Another study focused on teams in England. In this study, in which the period between 1946-2003 was examined, it was observed that the teams wearing the red color were more successful. Your teams more than 1 in 3 the number of people using the color red while having the color blue in the same period. 23% was. Still, more than 60 percent of the successes went to the red teams. Even teams with red jerseys like Liverpool, Manchester United and Bayern Munich had higher home success and higher average standings than their derby rivals. If we did the same study in Turkey, “Yellow is the color of success“We would conclude.

But is jersey color definitely effective?

legendary milan squad

The beauty of science until you find the right answer It comes from continuing to search. A different study rejected the power of the color red, or rather the idea that it is the power of any color.

English League research period Liverpool and Manchester United Teams such as Arsenal and Nottingham Forest, which had passed with dominance and appeared once in a while, were among those who preferred the color red. that period Manchester Cityit wasn’t huge like it is today; It was a team that was relegated from time to time and ate 5-6 from time to time in the setting of today’s Fulham. Tottenham still haven’t won a trophy. As the sample expanded, it might have become clear that red really has no power.

Turkish scientists also joined the discussion.

2018 world cup

Turkish scientists 2018 World Cup When they examined it, it managed to confuse them once again. in the cup red teams that wore the jersey were more successful. Another study of the same team explained that color perception is important in sports in general, and that the chosen color can affect the scales in our favor when everything is in balance.

Red color, easier to perceive and psychological effects It seems like a color that teams can benefit from because of the color, but judging by the studies and the discussions surrounding the studies, it is still too early to trust colors blindly. Also, as the researchers say, “If you have a bad team, wearing red isn’t going to start winning all of a sudden.”


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