Does Nighttime Electricity Consumption Save?

With the hikes in electricity, the only question on everyone’s mind is: “What can we do to achieve more economical consumption?” Can we really change the amount reflected on our electricity bill by doing something?

Probably you too after 22:00 you are one of those who care about running a washing machine or dishwasher. In fact, if you pay attention, you can hear the sounds of machines running late from your neighbors’ houses.

Alright hearsay Is it true that the amount of electricity consumption that will be reflected on our bill varies according to hours? Is it worth the hassle of the laundry that we start after 10 PM and hang up in the middle of the night?

According to the allegations, how are the electricity consumption pounds reflected in the hours?

  • Unit price of electricity consumed between 06.00 – 17.00: 1.37 TL
  • Unit price of electricity consumed between 17.00 – 22.00: 2.15 TL
  • The unit price of electricity consumed between 22.00 and 06.00 is 0.74 TL

If we look at this table electricity consumption unit prices there is a difference worth starting our machines after 10 pm.

If you want to save electricity according to hours, you may need to change the tariff.

electricity meter

The tariffs applied for electricity in Turkey are divided into two: “multi-time/three-time tariff” and the “one-time tariff”. The data we have given above is valid only for the “multi-time tariff”. So, if you want to benefit from the discounted electricity tariff according to hours, you need to change your tariff accordingly.

How is the situation in the one-time tariff application?

electricity savings tariff

If you have a one-time tariff, the prices are like a multi-time tariff. according to time zones does not differ, but electricity unit prices are lower than the three-time tariff.

One of the disadvantages is over 8kWh per day If you have consumed electricity, the unit price of electricity will increase. This increase tariff does not apply to multi-time tariff users.

How to switch to multi-time/three-time tariff?

saving electricity

If you want to switch to multi-time tariff electricity sales company You can go to the service center and apply for a tariff in writing.

Also, in your city electricity suppliers It may provide customers with the convenience of making online tariff changes. You can check the websites for online tariff changes.


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