Does Bitcoin investment make money? Here is the result

After the recent movement of the crypto money world, a new era has been entered for its investors. The latest research conducted by one of the world’s leading banks has revealed that the majority of those who invest in Bitcoin lose money.

Most of those who invest in Bitcoin make a loss

The latest report, prepared by the Swiss-based Bank of International Settlements, addressed crypto money investors. The institution, which monitors Bitcoin investments from 2015 to 2022, 80% of crypto investors He determined that he “inevitably lost money.”

According to the research of the Bank for International Settlements, among the countries that made their first investments in Bitcoin Turkey, Singapore, UK and USA. He stated that “risk-seeking” men under the age of 35 constitute these investors. In addition, according to the research, these people invest in crypto money, thinking that they provide great returns with minimal effort.

Giant crypto platform sent $400 million to wrong account

Giant crypto platform sent $400 million to wrong account sent $400 million to the wrong account. The company, which transferred 320 thousand Ethereum to a different platform, was able to get the money back.

The Bank for International Settlements predicted that a user made an investment when they downloaded a crypto exchange app. According to this estimate, 73 percent of investors bought Bitcoin when it was below $20,000.

In addition, the average user who invests $ 900 in Bitcoin is $ 431 or 48 percent loss of money He was said to be alive. Additionally, this week, profit rates for crypto-affiliated companies have slumped to a two-year low.

This loss in the cryptocurrency industry is thought to have started with the closure of crypto mines in China. After China, Kazakhstan had to impose restrictions on crypto mining for various reasons.

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