Doctor Who Actor Mysteriously Disappeared

British actress Tanya Fear, who gained worldwide fame with her performance in Doctor Who, disappeared on September 9. While her family and manager confirmed the disappearance, Fear’s friends and fans started a support campaign on social media.

One of the world’s most popular sci-fi series Doctor WhoThis time, it is on the agenda with a very interesting topic. Although he has taken part in many productions to date, he is the most popular with his performance in Doctor Who. Tanya Feardisappeared a few days ago. The British player’s family and manager confirmed this disappearance.

How and why Tanya Fear, who appeared in different roles in dozens of productions, disappeared Unknown. Moreover, according to the information obtained, Fear did not have a problem with anyone. While his family feared for Fear’s life, the man who was his manager Alex Cole He says it was a shock to him.

Social media campaigns launched

Alex Cole is the latest with the world famous actor you talked to me 8 days ago and that business was discussed in this meeting. Worried about Fear’s disappearance, Cole said, “Fear’s disappear His disappearance was a shock to me.“However, Tanya Fear’s disappearance is not only worrying her family and her manager. Fear’s friends and fans also because something might have happened to you they are afraid.


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Friends who do not want to wait for the player to be found from where they sit, on social media launched campaigns. Tanya Fear’s friends”Our friend Tanya is missing. Last September 9 Los Angeles seen in the region. Since then, no one has been able to reach him.” while drawing attention to the event by using the expressions, “#FindTanyaFearThey want the event to be clarified as soon as possible by using the ” tag.

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