Do Auto Brake Systems Really Work?

Officials of the Automobile Association of America conducted an experiment to determine whether the automatic braking system could actually save lives. The results of the experiment are not encouraging at all.

In our country, from the beginning of 2022 until August, 313,618 traffic accidents it happened. Unfortunately, in 1,469 of these accidents, victims died on the spot. Of course, worldwide these numbers rise to the millions.

This being the case, the automotive industry is constantly trying to implement new methods to prevent accidents and loss of life in accidents. The most promising of these methods is the “” which is frequently used in newly produced vehicles.Automatic Emergency Braking System”. In an emergency, this system uses artificial intelligence to maneuver according to the vehicle in front. Allows the vehicle to brake automatically.

According to US experts, this system is just an advertising strategy.

American Automobile Association officials put 4 2022 model cars to the test to test the automatic braking system. While the vehicles successfully passed the head-on crash tests, all of the vehicles in the side crash tests 100% failed. In side crash tests, although vehicles warn the driver of the possibility of an accident, they do not brake or brake too late. could not prevent.

In the rear crash tests, it was checked whether the vehicles closely following the vehicle in front could prevent the accident in sudden braking situations. at 48 km/h While driving, the vehicles managed to prevent 85% of the accident. However, this success rate of vehicles when traveling at 60 km / h down to 30%.

Greg Brannon, President of the Automobile Association of America, said:Although the automatic braking system is successful within the basic limits set years ago, Failed in tests suitable for real-life traffic speeds.He stated that the automatic braking system could not develop over the years.


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Other members of the association stated in their statements that the automatic brake system is currently a feature of brands rather than a life-saving feature. It’s an advertising strategy they use to sell cars. they said.

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