DJI Introduces M30 Series Drones in Turkey

DJI, the leading name in the drone industry, held a launch in Turkey for the newly announced M30 drone series. At the launch, important statements were made about the use of drones in our country.

Introducing the new drone series, which can fly even in harsh weather conditions, to the whole world in the past months. DJI, held a special launch event for this series in Turkey today. Bilkom General Manager, DJI Enterprise MEA Sales Manager and AKUT officials also attended the event. While the main focus of the event was the new Matrice 30 series, important information was shared about the purposes for which this series and all drones will be used in our country.

DJI at the event Matrice 30 of the drone series in addition to the launch of the H20N camera with night vision, FlyHub 2 and DJI Dock in Turkey. Let’s take a look at the new products DJI introduced in Turkey and the important statements made by AKUT officials.

What does the new DJI Matrice 30 series offer?

The DJI Matrice 30 series consists of three different drone models, the M30, M30T and M30 Dock. New Series, 15 kilometers range16x optical zoom, 200x digital zoomIt features a thermal camera, wide-angle camera, FPV camera that works even in low light, smart low-light photography technology and laser rangefinder. Drones also promise safe flight with six-way sensing and positioning.

The new models make the images obtained with these features look like the heart of the city with the new generation image transmission technology that makes use of four antennas. without disturbing the signal in complex areas can be sent to the user. Drones can be set up in seconds with their portable size and weight. Drones, from 10% to 90% in 25 minutes with 65 W fast charging support; It can reach full charge in 2 hours.

The most important feature that brings DJI’s new series to the fore is its resistance to harsh weather conditions. New series, per second 15 meters of wind and temperatures between -20 – 50 degrees can withstand.

DJI’s software developed specifically for its drones FlightHub 2 On the other hand, it offers users the opportunity to use and assign more than one drone at long distances. FlightHub 2 also instantly transmits the status of the drones.

DJI’s new M30 series is expected to go on sale in our country in November. While the price of the new series is not fully disclosed, It is expected to be between 150 – 200 thousand TL.

So, for what purpose will these drones be used in our country?

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Making a presentation at the launch, AKUT officials shared the usage areas and benefits of drones, including DJI’s new series. Authorities said that a three-man drone team was used in natural disasters. able to search ahead and thus time can be saved. It was shared that the thermal cameras in DJI’s new drone also provide great convenience to operations. Also, drones used to detect underground fires. was also added.

Along with this information, AKUT officials also announced the number of unmanned aerial vehicle pilots in Turkey. Accordingly, the number of pilots registered with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in our country is only limited to 26 case. 5 of these pilots are working in Ankara, 4 in Bursa, 3 in Bodrum, 5 in Eskişehir, 4 in Fethiye and 5 in Kuşadası.


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