Disturbing Statement Regarding Construction Crisis

Construction Contractors Confederation (IMKON) President Tahir Tellioğlu spoke about the decision to stop the construction, which will continue until September 24. Saying that there are 1.2 million people in the sector, Tellioğlu said that at least 600 thousand workers may lose their jobs.

In one of our content we shared with you last week, construction industry in Turkey. as it comes to a standstill we talked about. Because the Confederation of Construction Contractors (IMKON) decided to stop all constructions in order to protest the rising cement prices and said that this process would continue until September 24. Now on the subject, new and quite disturbing An explanation has come.

President of the Construction Contractors Confederation (IMKON) Tahir Tellioglu In the statements made by the company, it was stated that if the protest they started was not met, they would dismiss workers. Tellioğlu stated that there are 1.2 million workers working in constructions. at least 600,000 of these He said he was at risk of being unemployed. Tellioğlu is not sure whether the government’s decision to slow down exports will lower cement prices. not sure looks like.

Majority of contractors are considering layoffs

The following statements were included in the statements made by Tahir Tellioğlu; “200 percent increase There is no way we can do constructions with cement prices. At the end of the 15 days, maybe we can extend this period for another 15 days and increase the work stoppage action to 1 month. We thought about what we can do if we don’t get results. Many of our friends showed the way to lay off workers. If the protest period is over and prices still haven’t dropped, more than 1.2 million workers working on the construction of our contractors who support the protests. at least halfIn other words, we may have to lay off around 600,000 workers.


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Turkish Contractors Association (TMB), exhibited an attitude that did not comply with the decision of IMKON and decided to continue the constructions. Speaking about this decision, Tahir Tellioğlu said, “TMB is a 100-member association that mostly does business with the government and abroad. We are hundreds of thousands of contractors. Big contractors get price difference from the government and get rid of losses. We don’t have such a chance. The fact that they say that cement prices, which have increased by 200 percent, have increased by 85 percent, is also inconsistent with the truth.

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