Disney’s Strange World Movie Banned Due to LGBTQ+

Disney’s highly anticipated animated movie, Strange World, will not be broadcast in more than 15 countries, including our country, due to the LGBTIQ+ elements it contains.

Known for its classic animated films such as Cars, Toy Story and The Incredibles, Disney has recently released a new animated movie. Strange Worldhad announced. Disney had high hopes for this fantastic animation about the adventures of the Clade family.

However, the film has already been released before it even debuts. It has been announced that it will not be broadcast in more than 15 countries. The reason for this implicit ban is that a character in the movie is gay.

The movie will not be released in Turkey

Ethan Clade, a member of the Clade family at the center of the movie. liking another man i.e. the movie because he is gay, including our country. all middle east countries, in Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Maldives, Nepal and Bangladesh will not be published.

Disney, which removed the film from the screening in countries where it is thought that the film will be requested to be cut due to LGBTIQ + elements, also added an embargo due to the war with Ukraine. Announced that the film will not be released in Russia.

Normally “Live Action” i.e. movies in which real actors appear on screen in case of LGBTIQ+ content While the age limit of the films was changed and broadcast uncensored usually in animated films cutting or altering these scenes is requested.

Although the subject of the movie is the adventure of a family, in some parts of the movie Ethan talking about the boy he likes Disney officials, who announced that they would not release the movie due to theWe want to present the stories we want to tell in their original form in the countries we serve. for each country as it would be unfair to change or cut movies we can’t show some content in some countries” said.

Before this decision, the expectations of the movie, which was waiting for over $ 100 million at the box office, are: fell from $21 to $29 million. Last year, the musical film of the famous director Steven Spielberg “West Side Story”, Netflix’s new movie “If I Had the Present Mind” and Disney’s animation Luke It was also banned in our country.


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Even the absence of LGBTIQ+ characters in Luca’s animation and banned just because there are a few sentences about LGBTIQ+ had also drawn attention. However, the movie was later released on Netflix. Strange World later It is unknown at this time whether it will be published or not.

Strange World trailer

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