Disney will spend record money in 2022!

disney, continues to increase the number of content. The company, which is one of the best in the world of cinema and television, shared its annual financial report. The document, which includes standard data, seems to make a name for itself, especially in the parts where future plans are mentioned.

For disney, He revealed how much money he will spend next year to reach his audience. According to the new plans, the studio will not hesitate to reach into his pocket.

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Disney will spend a lot of money next year

Especially those who made more aggressive decisions after establishing their own broadcasting platform. Disney, will play big to reach more viewers. According to the announced tables, the company wants to achieve this by spending more money than last year. The company, which has a brand in almost every category from sports to comics, from movies to TV series, has also prepared its budget for the steps it will take.

First incoming information 33 billion dollars that he is planning an expenditure. Last year $25 billion spending disney, this year figure 8 billion dollars further increased it to record levels. The company, which will play especially aggressively, will give a certain share of this money to every company under it.

With the money going to all of Disney’s media holding groups, the amount of content is expected to increase as well. What content will be released at this time has not been announced. However, the company is one of its subsidiaries. 2021He will expect them to be better than him. According to the first information, next year Disney, 50 movies, 60 unscripted series, 25 drama series, 15 documentary series, 10 animated series and 5 TV movies plans to do it. The number of content exceeding 100 in total, 2021published in 60 contents arouses curiosity after the performance.


Disney, which will spend a lot of money compared to its competitors, has already given an intimidation. One of the company’s biggest competitors Netflix, $14 billion while you spend Warner Media in total $20 billion has a budget. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the increase in the number of content may negatively affect the quality. Let’s see if the company will be able to please its fans.

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