Disney+ vs Netflix! Which is better?

We can say that the cinema industry is now rapidly shifting to digital platforms. Although the prices of these subscription systems in our country are increasing, they offer thousands of content for the price of a movie ticket.

In addition, the number of publications operating in Turkey is gradually increasing. In fact, services such as HBO Max and Disney Plus will join us this summer. So, which one should choose between Disney + and Netflix, which is the most talked about last period?

The most watched Netflix movies and series have been announced!

Netflix recently shared its most watched productions between April 4-10. Now it has announced this week’s Top10.

Disney+ vs Netflix: Which is the winner?

When making our Disney+ vs Netflix comparison, we considered the service offered, original – external productions, and pricing. In addition, although the Disney side has not yet launched its services, it has announced the prices. Therefore, we can make a direct comparison.

In addition, when we look at the number of users worldwide, Netflix announced that it reached more than 200 million users at the end of 2021, but lost subscribers for the first time in its 10-year history. On the other hand, Disney+, which is on the rise, has surpassed 130 million users. Considering that it will enter many countries as of this summer, we can say that the gap will close quickly.

Where many will decide: Price comparison

Netflix announced earlier this month that it had hiked its prices in Turkey due to high dollar exchange rates and inflation. It is also estimated that this is also affected by the increased budget of domestic original content. However, the new prices Basic Plan 37.99 TL per month, Standard Plan 57.99 TL per month, Special Plan 77.99 TL per month. On the other hand, let’s say that it only offers the Basic Plan to its subscribers with a price tag of 10 dollars in the USA.

However, Disney+ offers everything Netflix offers with the $20 Special Plan, such as 4K streaming and IMAX, in a single package for $8. In Turkey, a monthly fee of 34.99 TL (349.90 TL per year) is required. In addition, it can be purchased for 279.90 TL with the pay for 8 months, watch for 12 months campaign special for the introductory package. For this reason, Disney+ is the clear winner on the price side.

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