Diseases Brought the End of Ancient Civilizations

Scientists have revealed that one of the most important factors that brought the end of great civilizations in ancient times could be pathogens such as microbes and bacteria. Diseases have caused great disasters to some civilizations.

Anatolia and its surroundings have been known as the places where human communities settled to live since the first periods of history. After all, this geography, where natural resources are abundant, the soil is fertile and the air is warm, is ideal for life. quite convenient have conditions. That’s why Göbeklitepe is one of the oldest settlements, that’s why our country is full of historical ruins.

communities that lived in this area in the past. on the rest Scientific studies continue. The information obtained in these studies also allowed us to gain a different perspective on the collapse of civilizations in the past.

Rifle, Germ and Steel proved right once again

Jared Diamond’s must-read Gun, Germ and SteelHe attributed the colonists’ success over the Americas to guns and steel as well as microbes. The natives, whose immune system was not as developed as the Europeans until that time, and who had never encountered most diseases in Europe, could be broken by epidemics even due to diseases that did not affect the Europeans. of Greece Crete Excavations on the island show that this situation worked in a similar way in ancient civilizations.

on the island Aya Haralambos working on the remains found in the cave called (his church is also in Çeşme, with the difference of Webtekno, you can learn about the works in our geography in a news article), Gunnar Neumann of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and his team made various examinations on the bones found in the cave. As a result of these reviews plague and typhoid found traces of his illness.

Until now as the culprit in the collapse of ancient civilizations climate change and breakdown of alliances was displayed. According to the researchers, the new findings also reveal the impact of diseases. Because it seems that there were epidemics on the island long before we know.

Typhoid and plague, which do not leave traces on bones under normal conditions, were discovered because they were primitive and extinct versions. Research Current Biology was published in the journal.


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