Discussions are growing! Will Netflix be shut down?

Netflix, which has been brought to the agenda of the country, is spoken on almost all social media platforms, especially Twitter. The debate continues on the statement, in which all the productions on the platform, especially Cem Yılmaz’s Erşan Kuneri series, are criticized in general. So is Netflix shutting down?

Is Netflix shutting down? Erşan Kuneri became the subject of discussion!

Recently, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party, Devlet Bahçeli, made some statements about Netflix. Here, he especially referred to Cem Yılmaz’s Erşan Kuneri series. As a result, many people on social media started to make posts supporting Yılmaz and the platform. So is Netflix shutting down?

The statement made by Bahçeli is as follows:

Netflix shows that the so-called comedians, who have profanity and the most despicable jokes, and who have nothing more than charlatanism, have crossed the line.

The leaf fall continues on Netflix: The popular comedy series has been canceled!

The leaf fall continues on Netflix: The popular comedy series has been canceled!

Netflix continues to bleed. The platform is finally pulling the plug on the popular comedy series Workin’ Moms.

After this statement, the people who support the platform highlighted the interventions made on various platforms from YouTube to Netflix in the past period. In particular, he argues that there is a fee to watch the content here, and that it is done by adults over the age of 18, so it should not be interfered with.

First of all, to answer the question of whether Netflix is ​​shutting down, no, there is no such situation at the moment. However, after the explanations, it is highly likely that a study will be started on this subject and that the platform will be subject to certain conditions. Because all of the digital streaming platforms are gathered under the roof of RTÜK. So there is a possibility of a sanction.

Therefore, when a request is sent to Netflix for people to remove content such as Erşan Kuneri, if the platform does not accept it, these sanctions can be applied. In fact, we may encounter situations such as access blocking and closure until the action is taken. However, it is worth reminding again that there is no such official request for the time being.

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