Discovered That Eating Too Much Red Meat Increases Risk of Death

Loma Linda University research team has signed a new research that will anger many people of our country. According to the article in question, consuming too much red meat increases the risk of death. And it’s not just red meat…

While consuming red meat is a healthy and indispensable type of diet for some, others may prefer to stay away from all kinds of animal foods. Experts often conduct research on the subject. Effects of diet on our health continues to show.

The last subject of the researchers is that red meat, which is one of the favorite foods of many people in our country, is actually can be harmful to our body. reveals. Unfortunately, the alarming results of the research that will anger many people don’t just cover red meat.

Processed foods and red meat increase your risk of death

Although the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of processed food is the products that we buy from the markets and that have gone through some processes, the situation is not quite as it seems. The dishes, tomato paste and jams we make in our homes are also considered as processed food, since they are also heat-treated. However, experts at Loma Linda Health University have revealed that consuming these foods in excess can have very serious consequences. held with more than 77 thousand participants. in research Information such as health information, the diets they followed and the way they were fed were obtained from the participants.

The information provided by the participants was analyzed with data provided by the National Death Index. The research team first treated the data for processed foods. The results were quite surprising because the analyzes People who consume more processed foods have a 14% greater risk of death. was revealing. When it came to red meat, the researchers had to separate the red meats into groups. In the results obtained from the average of all red meats divided into subgroups, People who eat more than 30 grams of meat per day have an 8% increase in the risk of death. observed.

Editor’s Note:

Of course, the results of this research “You have to remove meat from your life” shouldn’t make any sense. As a result, we need to get the necessary vitamins, carbohydrates, protein from everything. Although it is very difficult to eat meat every hour of every day, these days when we are having difficult economic times. If you have such a habit maybe you want to think again. In addition, the diets and diet you follow should be determined according to your chronic diseases or what you need. For this, it would be best to consult a dietitian or doctor. Remember that not all people are the same; What is good for someone else may have a different effect on you.


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