Discount wind on Steam: Here are the featured games

Even though Steam, the biggest game store of the PC platform, has competed with other stores recently, it is still indispensable. Especially for Turkish players.I local pricing Steam, which means a lot to us with its incentives, is now a discount With more players await.

Many quality games are now on sale on Steam. In the past days, we also informed you about the discounts within the scope of Black Friday. Finally on Steam for players deals worth checking out created. We have listed the most striking of the discounts.

Epic Games bought the famous game company!

Continuing its aggressive policies against Steam, Epic Games continues to grow. The company has now acquired an important studio.

Featured games in Steam discounts

It is possible to say that there are discounts on some games almost every day on Steam. However, major discounts only happen at certain times of the year for a limited time. Seasonal discounts and Black Friday are known as the cheapest times to buy games on the platform. The autumn sales haven’t started yet on Steam. However, we can say that there are already discounts worth seeing in the store.

  • FIFA 22 Standard Edition: 251.99 TL instead of 419.99 TL (40% discount)
  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Launch Edition: 335.99 TL instead of 559.99 TL (40 percent discount)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: 137.50 TL instead of 275 TL (50% discount)
  • Days Gone: 167 TL instead of 279 TL (40 percent discount)
  • DEATH STRANDING: 119.70 TL instead of 399 TL (70% discount)
  • Back 4 Blood: 174.30 TL instead of 249 TL (30 percent)
  • Terraria: 9 TL instead of 18 TL (50% discount)
  • Don’t Starve Together: 8.16 TL instead of 24 TL (66 percent discount)
  • Arma 3: 24.75 TL instead of 99 TL (75% discount)
  • Marvel’s Avengers: 98 TL instead of 245 TL (60 percent discount)

You can find all the games on sale here. Each of these discounts may have different expiration dates. The Autumn Sale, which is expected to be Steam’s big sale, will start on November 26th. If you haven’t found the game you’re looking for at a discount right now, you don’t have to worry. Although a big discount is on the way, it would be useful to keep these discounts in the back of your mind.

How did you guys find this discount on Steam?

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