Discord Announces Acquisition of Social Network Gas!

Discord has announced that it has acquired Gas, the rapidly popular social network that was founded last year. Details of the purchase were not disclosed.

Discord, which is among the most popular messaging platforms in the world, is a social media platform that has started to become popular recently. gasannounced the acquisition of While no explanation was made regarding the purchase conditions, Gas’s current position will be maintained and independent It was stated that it will continue to serve as a platform.

“Hno one ever feels like a stranger he doesn’t feel We are working to create a new world and we are excited to include Gas in the Discord community as our next step towards achieving this vision.“In the official statement, which states, details not included.

So what exactly does Gas offer?

Gas is a fairly new social media platform. in 2022 The platform, which started to serve, was downloaded by more than 7 million users in this short life. The app has raised nearly $7 million to date. If you haven’t heard of Gas yet, we are sure you will hear soon.

You can compliment your friends with Gas!

Gas, which can be used anonymously, is more to high school students oriented an application. When you become a member of the platform, the user, who first chooses a school, can create and answer surveys about his friends at school. For example, in a survey “emale student with the most beautiful smile” the elected person then receives a notification that he or she has the title. However, who voted for whom Unknown.

The fledgling application was the subject of human trafficking allegations in its early stages!

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Gas came up with a strange claim a few months ago. A high school student in the USA warned his other friends that Gas was actually established for human trafficking Put forward. Fearing this situation, high school youth continued the practice with great speed. In fact, platform CEO Nikita Bier said that because of what happened. death threats He even said he got it. However, these allegations did not reflect the truth.


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