Disclosure from Asset Manager: Majority of Client Funds Remained in FTX

Travis Kling, founder of asset management company Ikagai Asset Management, announced that the majority of client assets in the company’s hedge fund remain in FTX.

Travis Kling 14 November on social media account in his postthe assets of clients investing in the company’s hedge fund the vast majority He stated that he remained in FTX, they were only able to extract a small part of it. Kling, surprisingly, is one of the fund investors. a great support He said they got it.

In his statements, Kling said that he is very sorry for trusting FTX too much and disappointing his investors. venture capital fund He said he was unaffected by what happened. Stating that he thinks the fate of the funds in FTX will be clarified in the coming weeks, Kling said that it is difficult to say anything about the continuity of the company, whether Ikagai will continue or take a break from its activities for now.

On the other hand, the founder is one of many people and events in the cryptocurrency industry. you’re disgusted stated. Claiming that the industry gives too much power to many malicious people, Kling said that crypto needs to pick itself up and make the world a better place. rebuild trust said it should. It was also among Kling’s statements that if Ikagai continues, it will fight against malicious people in the industry.

Also, Kling said that Bitcoin unreliable He also claimed that these failures occurred because the industry has built many reliable structures around Bitcoin.

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